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Comprehensive connectivity management tools for connection provisioning, operation and analysis across wireless networks.

  • 2G, 3G, 4G and cellular LPWA: Custom plans for data, SMS and voice on Tier 1 networks worldwide.
  • One agreement, predictable pricing, no hidden charges. 24/7 monitoring and support.
  • Multilayer security and VPN connections
3D Camera

The Orbbec Gemini 2L is based on active stereo IR technology with a baseline of 100mm and is equipped with Orbbec’s latest custom ASIC for high quality depth processing.

  • FoV – up to 101°
  • Range: 0.2-10m range.
  • Internal IMU enables motion and position tracking.
3D Camera


Femto Bolt is a compact, high-performance device with multi-mode Depth and RGB cameras and USB-C connection for power and data.

The depth camera uses Microsoft’s industry proven ToF technology and has identical operating modes and performance as the Microsoft Azure Kinect and Orbbec Femto Mega.

  • Depth camera with 1 Mega Pixel ToF sensor and 120° FOV.
  • Up to 15fps at 1024×1024 or 30fps at 640×576 depth resolution.
3D Camera

Uses Microsoft’s industry proven ToF technology and the Jetson1M platform to deliver a software-defined Depth and RGB vision platform for computer vision and Al developers.

  • Depth camera with 1 Mega Pixel ToF sensor and 120° FOV
3D Camera

Femto Mega is a programmable multi-mode Depth and RGB camera with real-time streaming of processed images over Ethernet or USB connections.

  • FOV: Horizontal – 120°, Vertical – 120°.
  • Up to 15fps @1024 x 1024 or 30fps @640 x 576 depth resolution.
  • Up to 25fps @3840 x 2160 RGB resolution.
  • PoE USB 3.0 and IMU supported.
3D Camera

The Gemini E camera module is designed based on Orbbec’s technology to obtain the depth image and color image of the object.

  • FOV: Horizontal – 79° x Vertical – 62°
  • Depth: 0.2 – 2.5m
  • Depth resolution: Up to 30fps @640 x 480.
  • RGB resolution: Up to 30fps @1920 x 1080.
3D Camera

With its large 90 degree horizontal field of view, long operating distance and updated easy to use software development kit the Orbbec Gemini 2 sets a new standard for developers.

  • FOV: Horizontal – 79° x Vertical – 62°.
  • Depth: 0.15-10m, 0.2-5m (optimal)
  • Depth resolution: Up to 30fps @640 x 480.
  • RGB resolution: Up to 30fps @1920 x 1080.

2D LiDAR with 360° FOV. 50m range.

  • 2D LiDAR.
  • 360° FOV.
  • 50m effective range.
  • Horiz resolution: 0.06@10Hz, 0.09@15Hz, 0.12@20Hz, 0.15@25Hz.
  • 2D pointcloud.

3D Solid State Obstacle Avoidance LiDAR

  • Range of 10m outdoors and 12m indoors.
  • It has a wide field of view of up to 72°x58°.
Thermal Cameras

The RD-216 desktop infrared thermal imaging camera is a cost-effective thermal imaging detection tool specially developed for scientific researchers.

  • IR Resolution: 256 x 192
  • Thermal Sensitivity: < 50mK
  • Image Frame Rate: 25Hz
Safety Controller

The FSU100 Safety Controller is responsible for safety sensor and safety actuator control as well as processing safety related logic for safety functions.

  • Security Level:
    • Based on IEC 61508:2010 – SIL 2
    • Based on ISO13849:2015 – Cat.2
  • Interfaces:
    • CAN: 1
    • Ethernet: 1
3D Mapping

Handheld LiDAR/Camera combination 3D mapper

  • Range: 40m
  • Accuracy ±2cm
  • Scanning angle: 360° x 59°
  • True panoramic vision with 3 cameras.
  • Removable battery life: 1hr
  • Point cloud: 200k points/sec
3D Mapping

Handheld LiDAR/Camera combination 3D mapper

  • Range: 120m
  • Accuracy ±2cm
  • Scanning angle: 360° x 90°
  • 3 Cameras
  • Removable battery life: 1.5hrs
  • Point cloud: 320k points/sec
3D Mapping

Tripod mounted 3D Mapper

  • Ranging range 25m
  • Accuracy 1-2cm
  • Scanning angle: 360° x 270°
  • Scanning speed: 70khz
  • Battery life: >4h

3D LiDAR primarily for mining applications.

  • Has “Product Safety” and “Explosion-Proof Conformity” certificates.
  • 3D LiDAR.
  • Horizontal FOV: 360° .
  • Vertical FOV: -15° ~ 15°
  • Up to 100m detection.
  • Accuracy: Horizontal: 0.18°±10%@10Hz. Vertical: 2° ±0.1°.
  • 3D pointcloud.

2D LiDAR series from OLEI.

  • 2D LiDAR
  • 270° – 300° FOV.
  • Up to 25m effective range.
  • 0.225 horizontal resolution.
  • 2D pointcloud.

2D zone LiDAR with 270° FOV.

  • 2D zone LiDAR
  • 270° FOV.
  • 10m effective range.
  • 0.225 resolution.
  • 2D pointcloud.
  • Available with analog zone alarm output.

TEST IT NOW! Coming Q2 2024

Safety LiDAR with SIL2 level IEC61508/IEC62061.

  • 270° scanning angle.
  • Up to 20m range.
  • 2D pointcloud.
1D Rangefinder

Laser Distance Finder.

  • Up to 90m at 0.1mm resolution.
  • Accuracy: ±1.5mm <20m, ±3.0mm (full range).

2D LiDAR for high accuracy applications.  ±10mm between 0.2 and 2m. This LiDAR is special order.

  • 2D LiDAR.
  • 270° FOV
  • 5m effective range.
  • High repeat accuracy: ±10mm between 0.2 and 2m. 0.225 horiz resolution.
  • 0.225 horizontal resolution
  • 2D pointcloud
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