MorpheusTek, A Value-Added Custom Sensor provider

In the rapidly advancing field of robotics, the devil is in the details. Fine-tuning and customization have emerged as indispensable aspects of this domain. While many distributors offer off-the-shelf solutions, MorpheusTEK distinguishes itself as a value-added robotics and automation perception sensor provider. 

We not only provide sensors but also craft solutions that are uniquely tailored to fit your project’s requirements. How does customization benefit you, and how does MorpheusTek come into the picture? Let’s discuss!

Cost-Effective Customization

Choosing to customize with MorpheusTEK  brings forth both functional and financial advantages. When you procure a generic sensor off-the-shelf, you might be paying for features you don’t need or find yourself lacking vital features necessary for your application.

Customizing ensures you only pay for what you need. Customizing ensures that you’re investing only in what is necessary for your project. Let’s explore some of the most common customized solutions:

Customized LiDAR and Orbbec 3D Camera Solutions

A customized LiDAR unit can be tailored to your exact requirements, potentially saving significant costs, development time, and providing a tailored Lidar to your application in the process. Consider the following examples:

  • Housing: Need your LiDAR or camera  to fit snugly into a specific robot design or terrain? Custom housings can ensure a perfect fit and optimal performance.
  • Sensor specifications: Not all applications require the same scanning range or resolution. Adjust these as per your project’s needs. For example, reducing the output resolution can save compute cost and complexity.
  • Cables & Connectors: Integration becomes smoother when your sensor’s cabling is designed to interface seamlessly with your robot’s systems.
  • Firmware & Software: Tailored software can optimize performance for your unique requirements.
  • Sub-assemblies: Embedding LiDAR or 3D camera’s within specific subunits of the robot can streamline designs and make maintenance more straightforward.

Specific Use Cases Demonstrating Value:

Custom sensor: Consider a scenario where a project requires a LiDAR that scans °300 instead of the conventional °270. Customizing the LiDAR to this specification can drastically reduce the number of sensors needed, leading to reduced complexity and lower costs.

Custom housing: For projects that need a seamless sensor integration, a customized housing can be a godsend. Imagine needing a LiDAR for a robot, and having it designed such that it’s a direct drop-in replacement without any redesigning needed.
Custom Connectors: Integration is more than just hardware; it’s about compatibility. Customers often require connectors or cables that precisely match their project’s specifications. Having these customized reduces integration challenges and potential compatibility issues.


Customization, while it might sound daunting, can be a cost-effective and efficient approach to sensor procurement for robotics having a trusted partner like MorpheusTEK  ensures you’re on the right path. We will ensure that you get a sensor tailored to your needs. Whether it’s LiDAR, Orbbec 3D cameras, or any other sensor, the key lies in recognizing your needs and working closely with MorpheusTEK to create the perfect fit.

Remember, in the world of robotics, precision and efficiency are king – and customization is the path to achieving both. In a landscape brimming with generic solutions, MorpheusTEK’s tailored approach truly stands out, making us the go-to choice for robotics professionals worldwide.

For media inquiries, please contact: Gregg Young, Director of Sales & Marketing / (307) 789-0421 / [email protected]

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